Drive Lock

Drive Lock 8.1

It offers dynamic access control for drives and also controls all device types
8.1 (See all)

DriveLock offers dynamic access control for drives (floppy disks, CD-ROMs, USB flash drives, etc.) and also controls all other device types, such as Bluetooth, Palm, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, and other smart phones. Using whitelist rules (based on device type and hardware ID), you can specify exactly who can use which device at what time. You can even create detailed rules for the use of removable drives based on the drive's manufacturer, model and unique serial number to achieve granular definition and implementation of access rules. Other features let you enable access to specific authorized media, set time limits and create exceptions for certain users, groups, computers and networks. These are just a few of the customization options that are available to let you enforce the exact device usage policies you require.

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